History of BlueDoors Hotels

Here is how The Art of Living Started

 Mr. Fernando Sánchez Paredes

The Bluedoors Apartment Boutique Hotels collection was established more than twenty years ago with an entrepreneurial initiative by its founder and CEO, Mr. Fernando Sánchez Paredes. In creating Bluedoors, Mr. Sanchez drew on his extensive hotel experience as General Manager of Royal Hotels and later as Manager of hotel projects such as Hotel 101 Park House, the Hotel and Convention Center AR among others.



The Bluedoors Hotels

The concept of Bluedoors was based on a business model that goes beyond the conventional hotel industry and real estate management philosophies. This has allowed us to provide hotel operations such as tourist housing in residential buildings that have been a model of commercial success in the hotel industry.

The Bluedoors Hotels collection features four hotels – three with strategic locations in the city of Bogotá and one in Medellín. Each represents the best of Colombian hospitality, with an emphasis on personalized service that leaves an impression on our guests.


Our unique concept of apartment boutique hotels offers accommodation with the highest international standards and an exclusive difference: suites with much more living space. Each space includes a fully-equipped kitchen, social areas, and multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, making them ideal for long-stay travelers. As a result of our exceptional facilities, great location, and personal service, Bluedoors Hotels has positioned itself as one of the most successful Colombian hotel proposals today, with numerous national and international awards and expansion projects to other cities throughout the country.

Tables setup outdoors in the Terrace at Blue Doors Hotels
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